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CF360 Provides Online RealTime Support

We can help you solve your computer security problems including:

1. Uncovering websites visited on your computer
2. Locating hidden documents, videos and pictures on your computer
3. Identifying USB drives which were attached to your computer
4. Showing you the most recent files, videos and other documents opened on your computer
5 Revealing email accounts and other online identities used on your computer
6. Locating installed trojans and keyloggers installed on your computer
7. Determine what programs are currently running on your computer
8. Assisting you in securing your system from unauthorized users
9. Helping you install monitoring software on your computer

Disclaimer: By downloading the below Remote Login Assistanace Manager, you are allowing a CF360 representative to remotely access your computer for the purpose of assisting you. This remote session will end upon completion of your request or whenever you decide to end it.

Take these steps for CF 360 Online Support
Using Internet Explorer version 8 or Newer *ONLY*, Follow These 3 Easy Steps and a CF360 Representative Will Be Able To Assist You:

Step #1 - Using Internet Explorer only, left-mouse-click the following icon and you will be asked if you want to RUN or SAVE this file. Choose "RUN".

 You may be asked for additional permissions, please select to continue, run or allow in order to move on to Step # 2.

Step #2 - Call a CF360 Representative at    (251) 20-CYBER – (251) 202-9237

Step #3 - Provide the CF360 representative with Your ID number (9 digits) and your Password. See the below example:

"Who are you going to trust? 
Our expert, who has been trusted by three Presidents, or their expert?"
-Assistant US Attorney Maria Murphy - USA vs Bruce Michael Orr
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